My Work at a Glance

This page shows an ultra-brief summary of the game-related projects to which I have contributed. Click on the images for more information or to see full-size versions.

I also have a compact summary version here.

Current Works in Progress

Beltzhian Marauders

Genre: Action/adventure with role-playing elements
Status: On hold...temporarily.

The story of the courageous struggle of an utterly ordinary man with an extraordinary problem -- his newly-joined workplace has been taken over by marauding alien pirates!

Team Laser Combat

Genre: Strategy
Status: In production (See the project blog at

TLC just may define a whole new sub-genre of turn-based tactical strategy. Stay tuned!


Genre: Game engine
Status: Version 2.03 is now live

MHFramework is both the skeleton and the muscle in my current and future projects. Version 1 served me well, but also revealed its shortcomings. Version 2.00 was mostly just a streamlining effort and was immediately easier, faster, and more flexible than its predecessors. Version 2.01 added some significant improvements, such as networking, runtime metrics, and greater support for different game genres, while also fixing some bugs and cutting down on redundancy.

Future versions are sure to continue this trend of becoming easier and more powerful. The real proof, however, will be in the next great games to come from this humble little web site.


Genre: Action
Status: On hold. (Awaiting the reunion of the original design team, actually.)

The demolition derby of the future! Players select a futuristic hovercraft armed with laser cannons and missile launchers and enter it into elimination tournaments to win the money they need to upgrade the craft for the next round.

The original CTG (1998) was written in C++ and actually reached a state of basic playability when the project was abandoned.

CTG 2 (2002) was written in Java and included several significant improvements, such as an improved interface, superior tech designs, more reliable builds, a much wider variety of playable vehicles, and a vehicle test facility to test drive your chosen vehicle before committing to it.

The third version is now under consideration with the valuable lessons learned from the first two attempts. Most likely, the next version will also have a whole new title.

Recent History

Ancient History

Game Utilities


My Layered Isometric Map Editor written to help create isometric worlds for games made with my MHFramework game engine.

Technology used: Java

Sprite Tester 2

The second (and significantly improved) version of my sprite animation viewing tool.

Technology used: Java

Name Generator

A quick little utility made to the specifications provided by an ex-girlfriend who was having trouble naming characters for a comic book she was writing.

Technology used: Java (Swing)

Games To Which I've Contributed

A Moment of Silence

Capstone project in the Computer Game Design program at Sanford-Brown College.

Technology used: Torque Game Engine

EWW! Enormous World War

An overly ambitious turn-based strategy game by Ralph Normington.

Technology used: Java


An UnoTM-like card game created as a group project in which I participated to get a brief introduction to Flash and ActionScript.

Technology used: Flash

3D Models

Battle Axe

A weapon for the forest monsters in A Moment of Silence.

Technology used: 3ds Max, Photoshop

Forest Monster

A low-poly enemy character from A Moment of Silence.

Technology used: 3ds Max, Character Studio, Photoshop

Space Station Omniproteus

Exterior view of the setting of Beltzhian Marauders.

Technology used: 3ds Max, Photoshop, ImageReady

Electric Drill

A simple example to introduce 3D modeling to a virtual world design class.

Technology used: 3ds Max, Photoshop

Fishing Boat

The fishing boat hazard from CornShark.

Technology used: 3ds Max, Photoshop

Unnamed Civilian Spaceship

A prop for the main hangar scene in Beltzhian Marauders.

Technology used: 3ds Max, Photoshop

Executive Office Chair

Another 3D-to-isometric scenery object for Beltzhian Marauders. You can actually see it in its intended context in the LIME screenshot above.

Technology used: 3ds Max

My Alvarez Bass

A virtual reproduction of my beloved Alvarez bass guitar.

Technology used: 3ds Max, Photoshop

Statue of Michelle

A 3D model of my lovely wife, with the appearance of being sculpted from stone so I can use it as a statue prop in Beltzhian Marauders.

Technology used: 3ds Max, Photoshop

Desktop of Destiny

A sacred relic from a short, one-level class project.

Technology used: 3ds Max, Photoshop

3D Animations

Forest Monster Walking

A basic walk cycle for the forest monster.

Technology used: 3ds Max, Character Studio

Forest Monster Attacking

The forest monster doing an uppercut swipe with his strong right hand.

Technology used: 3ds Max, Character Studio