Layered Isometric Map Editor

Screen Shots: (LIME 2.0 shown here. Updated images coming soon.)
Where To Get It: For now, you have to ask me for it. Eventually I'll have it packaged for download here. Program Type: Java Application
(Executable JAR file)

Michael Henson
Design and programming

Future Plans:
  • Option to set working directory
  • Editor for map metadata
  • Animation for animated tiles
  • Ability to drag-paint
  • Intelligent, context-sensitive cursors
  • Option to display a background image
  • Fix a few minor rendering bugs
Original Release: 2004

I'll try to make a long story short: an ex-girlfriend of mine had a serious gaming habit and loved isometric interfaces. She challenged me to create a game with an isometric perspective. I was hesitant, but I started writing algorithms and test programs, and then I found a wonderful book on the subject which taught me all I needed to know. So my test programs gradually morphed into a map editor that creates isometric maps that are compatible with MHFramework.


After typing so many numbers and codes in text files to create the isometric maps in my test programs, I quickly realized that an editing utility would be necessary when my maps started becoming larger and more complex. LIME is pretty basic as far as editors go, but it's easy, convenient, and does almost everything I need it to do. Almost.

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