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1.0 Beta

Michael Henson
Game design and programming
Art and animation

Michelle Henson
Original game and character concepts
Audio design (still to come)

Kevin Nicholson
Music (still to come)

Program Type: Java Application
Future Plans:
  • New custom audio
  • New custom music
  • Finish character animations
Original Release: March 2008
History: The history of this character is heavily significant to my life. Long story as short as possible: Michelle and I played a game called Shark! Shark! which had some funny sound effects that she started imitating before attacking me (just playing, you know). Thus, she became the Shark. In an episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Billy named his mom (who had become a child) "Corn", and Michelle applied the nickname to me as well. When we played with the idea of starting our own educational software development organization, I commented that the name of the company should be something that reflects the both of us. She said without hesitation, "Like what? CornShark?"
Motivation: Just like MO Techtris, CornShark also began life with the intention of becoming a class project for my programming students at Missouri Tech. When they voted democratically to work on a different project instead, I continued CornShark on my own.

Though not part of its original motivation, CornShark was also used as a test environment for the first iteration of my game engine upgrade project, MHFramework 2.0.

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