MO Techtris

Screen Shots:
Where To Get It: Click here to download Program Type: Java Application
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Michael Henson
Programming and graphics

1.0 Beta 4
Future Plans:
  • Sound
  • Smoother progression of difficulty levels
  • Fix that annoying piece counter bug
Original Release: April 2003

I am in a perpetual search for fun and interesting projects to do with my various programming classes. This project was one attempt at creating a partial game that my students could complete by analyzing, designing, and coding the missing features.

It worked fairly well, but I am convinced that there are games that are much better suited to this purpose. That's why I'm designing CornShark now.


In addition to providing a fun class project, this was the first game to use MHFramework for the entire application. Most of my original tutorial documentation on how to use the framework was written in conjunction with the creation of this game.

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