Intergalactic Shooting Gallery

Screen Shots:
Where To Get It: or at Program Type: Java Applet

Michael Henson
Game design and programming
Sprite graphics
Sound effects

Jim Varner
Background art

Kengo Hashimoto
Additional ship designs

Future Plans:
  • Sound toggle (the sound can be really irritating)
  • Powerups
  • Improved animations
  • Find out how to contact Jim to get permission to use his art for the background
Original Release: Summer 2002

My employers at Missouri Tech asked me if I'd speak at a seminar, talk about what I do, and perhaps have an interactive, hands-on activity. So I designed this super-simple little game and broke it up into steps that my audience of potential programmers could do.

The interactive portion of my presentation was soon scrapped by the organizers due to time limitations, but the game in its iterative steps of development remains and is still used for its original intended purpose.

And by the way, none of the graphics were actually created just for this game. The spaceships all originated as playable vehicles in CTG and CTG 2.


There really wasn't a technical motivation for this project, but I did use it as an opportunity to test the new sound manager that I had just added to MHFramework.

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