Screen Shots:
Where To Get It: Click here to download. Version:
Beta 1
Credits: Michael Henson
Well...I did everything for this game. My wife Michelle came up with the title, critiqued the particle effects, and helped me test it on the network at home.
Program Type: Java Application
Future Plans:
  • Internet play
  • Sound
  • Improved menu graphics
  • Improved AI (and hopefully fix a bug in the process)
  • Streamlined menu system
Original Release: September 2009

I always wanted to find a simple board game that would make a cool computer game. I prefered something that hadn't already been done a few times. This game is very closely modeled after Sequence by Jax Games, with only minor differences. To my knowledge, there were no electronic versions of that game, so it was the perfect candidate.


Primarily, I wanted a simple game for testing the new networking components that I had just added to MHFramework. In Pentacular, they work great. Let's see how they do in my next project!

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