Michael Henson's

Glossary of Computer Science Terms

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terabyte: a little over 1 trillion bytes (2^40 bytes)
thread: an executable entity consisting of a program counter, a stack, and a set of register values
thread of control: a single path of execution through a program, a dynamic model, or some other representation of control flow.
timeout: the interval of time after which an operation will give up its action
token ring: a LAN similar to a slotted ring except that it can handle larger, variable-sized packets (IEEE standard)
totally-ordered multicast: a multicast of several messages where the messages reach all of the recipients in the same order
transition: a change of state caused by an event
transparency: concealment from the user and application programmer of the separation of components in a distributed system
transport address: an address for messaging that is composed of a network address and a port number
two-phase locking: a concurrency control technique consisting of two phases: a growing phase, in which new locks are acquired; and a shrinking phase, in which the locks are released
two's complement: an algorithm carried out by inverting the bits of a binary number, then adding one to the result