Michael Henson's

Glossary of Computer Science Terms

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material: a collection of surface properties for the texture of a 3D model
maximum transfer unit (MTU): the maximum length of the data field in a packet
maybe call semantics: RPC semantics in which clients cannot tell if remote procedures have been called
megabyte (meg): 1,048,576 bytes (2^20 bytes)
memory object: a contiguous, addressable resource
message: a sequence of data items of arbitrary length
message passing: communication by using the programming primitives send and receive
metaclass: a class describing other classes
metadata: data that describes other data
method: an operation for a specific class; a subroutine that is defined as a member of a class; a capability of an object
method signature: a method's name and parameter list, which distinguishes it from other methods. Note that the method's return type is not included in its signature.
microkernel: a kernel that provides the smallest possible set of services and resources on which the remaining services required can be built
migration transparency: a type of transparency that allows the movement of information objects within a system without affecting the operation of programs
model: an abstraction of something for the purpose of understanding it before building it; a virtual 3D representation of a physical object
modem: a peripheral device that allows computers to communicate with each other across phone lines. The word modem is short for modulate/demodulate, which is the process of converting bits into audio tones (modulating) and converting audio tones into bits (demodulating)
module: a logical grouping construct which captures one perspective or view of a situation
MTU: Maximum Transfer Unit
multicasting: sending messages to a specified group
multiple inheritance: a type of inheritance that permits a class to have more than one superclass and to inherit features from all ancestors
multiplicity: a specification of how many instances of one class may relate to each instance of an associated class