Chaotus' Archery Range

Screen Shots:
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Program Type: Java Appletcation

Michael Henson
Game design and programming

Jamie Tobler
Character art and animation
Game logo

Catherine Berry
Menu screen art
Loading screen animation

1.0 Beta
Future Plans:
  • Refine collision rules
  • Anti-aliased rendering
  • Sound
  • More powerups
  • Save high scores when running in application mode
Original Release: April 2003

Some talented and creative friends of mine were working on a comic book concept about a fantastic land full of interesting and colorful characters. They asked me if I could throw together a series of simple games just for fun that would allow readers a more interactive way to step into the fictional world in the roles of its characters. Chaotus' Archery Range was to be the first in this series, with several more interesting and immersive games to follow.

As of yet, this game isn't truly finished (though it is playable), and the comic authors have not yet approached me concerning any follow-up projects.


This was the last Java project I made completely from scratch. This project provided an excellent test bed for my screen manager subsystem, my custom GUI controls, and my improved actor animation classes, all of which became the core of my very first iteration of MHFramework. From this point on, all of my game projects have been based on that system.

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