Screen Shots:
Where To Get It: Version:
Credits: Michael Henson
Game design and programming
Background art

Jamie Tobler
Character art and animation

Program Type: Java Applet
Future Plans:
  • Improved frame rate
  • Sound
  • Possible sequel
Original Release: January 2001

Loosely (very loosely) based on a real situation, Barn Nazi was originally created for an audience of only two. However, some of my friends fell in love with it and convinced me to make it available to the general public. Despite the fact that this game is an atrocious piece of garbage, Barn Nazi has become my most popular project to date.


This was my first sprite-based Java game. The primitive animation classes I wrote for Barn Nazi evolved into the actor hierarchy that became part of my MHFramework game engine.

The changing, animated screens were also an experiment in one procedural approach to state-based behavior within a single object. It's an unwise approach, but that learning experience is what the experiment was all about.

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